About the Tour

What are the benefits of participating in a college Tour?

Arrow Collegiate Tour believes early exposure to post-secondary institutions allows prospective students the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and the experience necessary to make effective decisions when selecting an institute of higher learning.

Who should attend a college tour?

It is Arrow Collegiate Tour recommendation that students as early as ninth grade should attend college tours to help increase their interests in college and to provide a greater understanding of the importance of completing post-secondary education. Parents are also encouraged to attend as this act shows your child that you are invested in their future also.

What does a college tour consists of?

Most colleges and universities provide a brief overview of the many academic interests they have to offer. Additionally, the students are given the opportunity to visit the dormitories, meet current students and staff and most importantly, apply for admissions while visiting the school (Official transcripts are required.)

What does the cost for the college tour cover?

The cost of the college tour includes coach bus travel to and from the colleges and universities, lodging accommodations, and three meals (generally breakfast.) The cost does not include additional spending money for food and entertainment. A separate cost is associated with travel to any amusement park or entertainment.

How are the accommodations made for travel while on the college tour?

Arrow Collegiate Tour reserves the right to select appropriate lodging and dining establishments as dictated by the cost of the trip. Our standard is to ensure the participants are comfortable and have options for dining and entertainment.

What do we need to bring on this tour?

For comfort and appropriateness, Arrow Collegiate Tour suggest you bring comfortable, but appropriate clothing. While visiting the colleges and universities, you will have the opportunity to meet the staff and students, so your first impression should be memorable in a positive manner. Additionally, we suggest you bring items that will provide a comfortable bus ride including MP3 Players, CD-Walkman, headset, books and other items of interest.

Who ensures the safety of the students?

Arrow Collegiate Tour is committed to ensuring all students are monitored and supervised at all times. Arrow Collegiate Tour dedicates one adult chaperone to every 8-10 students. Additionally, it is a requirement of Arrow Collegiate Tour that both parents and students sign a Code of Conduct form (Discussed in more detail at the Arrow Orientation.)


Thank you for giving my Girl Scout Troop members the time of their lives! We decided to distribute your Spring Break HBCU College Tour flyer to our whole troop of 16 and 17 yr-olds. They were excited about visiting the schools in North Carolina, Atlanta and Florida. The moms and I stayed in touch, throughout the week, excited for our girls and their experience. When they returned, they had brand new insight on college life and were all charged up! Now, it’s full speed ahead, as we prepare them for freshman year as college students. We cannot thank you enough.

Moms of Girl Scout Troop #5600